Everyday Venn is the playful expression of language and its relationships. Each day, we paint a picture of a word by charaterizing it as the intersection of 2-3 other words. We strive for clarity through simplicity.

We have big ambitions for the site, for example, dynamic mapping. It is already becoming clear that there are interesting connections between words, only a few connections away – we would love ot highlight the unusual, meaningful and surprising connections to foster greater understanding and care for diction.

We have a weekly newsletter, each Monday morning, that provides a compelation of the week in Venns and a short learning connected to words mapped that week.
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Everday Venn is developed & maintained by Rebecca Rapple. You can find out more about Rebecca and some other her other projects at RebeccaRapple.com, follow her on twitter, or send her an email at RebeccaRapple at gmail dot com.