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Thats the difference between me & the rest of the world! Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand euphoria!

-Calvin (aka Bill Watterson)

Action is the antidote to despair.

Joan Baez

Belief in God and a future life makes it possible to go through life with less of stoic courage than is needed by skeptics.

Betrand Russel

People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing.

Will Rogers


The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.

William Penn


There is more hunger in this world for love and appreciation than there is for bread.

Mother Teresa


Levity of behavior is the bone of all that is good & virtuous.


Hope + Confidence + Future = Optimism


Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.

Nicholas M. Butler


Courtesy + Empathy + Relationships = Kindness


Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.



Argument seldom convinces anyone against his inclination.